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  • 1A cargo assurance certificate authority

    Hang Yun Jade All products are guaranteed for the natural Myanmar A cargo, each item is available in "National

  • 2Quality of the original stone, value for money

    Hang Yun Jade constantly open up channels of high-quality natural raw materials supply, to the best price!

  • 3For well-designed, the master of

    Freeway jade and jade hired the country''s top mosaic masters Midas touch; each process \ each product excellence!

  • 4Variety, gift experts

    Freeway design and produce various kinds of jade bracelets ornaments and other products.

Perhaps you to purchase the full range while traveling, exhausted! We all have these issues resolved!
Freeway & precious jade materials and unique designFreeway & precious jade materials and unique design

Grade jade, and nephrite, agate crystal, various precious stones and other necessities.

Jade industry outlookJade industry outlook

Because of jade, and nephrite, jewelry and other scarce resources are non-renewable, almost exhausted!

Authoritative professional jade processing technologyAuthoritative professional jade processing technology

Hang Yun Jade has intensive, large-scale production and processing capacity.

Jade price growth year after year, the prospect of unlimitedJade price growth year after year, the prospect of unlimited

Jade is the main origin of Myanmar, according to official sources.

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Jade on Freeway     Zhenping county Xiangyun jade plant jade material, currently set solution design and processing, wholesale sales, is a set of production and marketing as one of the jade products enterprises. Main business: jade jewelry, jade, jade collection of souvenirs and gifts.I plant adhering to the "integrity, professional, win-win" business philosophy, adhere to customer first, quality first, in the process of customer service, adhere to technological progress and innovation, and constantly go beyond, has become a in gifts, handicrafts, jewelr.
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